5 Low Cost Ways to Help Sound Proof your Home!

Dated: 08/16/2019

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Noise, whether it is coming from outside your home or within your house, can be quite irritating, especially if you had a long day and yearn for a quiet environment. If the sounds from your neighbor’s television or radio keeps you from sleeping, purpose made soundproofing paint may be a great solution to reduce the noise and give you some peace. 

1. Get a thick carpet

Carpets are great for muffling sound within your home. If you have children running around the house, you can keep the sound off by using a fluffy rug. If you want to reduce the noise further, you should consider getting a thick rug pad. The right carpet will also keep the sound off when moving furniture around the house. When choosing a carpet, ensure you get one that complements your decor. 

2. Use Heavy Door Curtains

If you have a gap at the bottom of your front door, this is probably the reason you keep hearing conversations of people in the hallway. Besides sealing these gaps, you should consider using heavy blackout curtains to reinforce the soundproofing. The curtains don’t just help absorb the sound the comes through the spaces around the door, they can also complement your interior decor. 

3. Cover hard surfaces with soft coverings

Hard surfaces like walls, ceilings and floors are not great insulators of sound. To successfully reduce sound reflection, it would help if you covered some, if not all, of these surfaces. Rubber textile mats are great for the walls because they soften the noise within the house, while at the same time, block sounds from outside your home. If you would like to insulate your home further, you can consider using a shag rug on the ceiling. This will give your interior decor a boost. 

4. Use a wall-to-wall bookcase 

If your walls are too thin and you are tired of hearing your neighbor’s vacuuming, you should consider adding a bookcase on the side of the wall you share with your neighbor. The bookcase adds beauty to this thin partition that is giving you a hard time. The edges of the books shelf should fit snugly to the wall, ceiling and floor. If you leave gaps, the sound will still pass through these spaces. The bookcase can be a great addition to your interior decor. 

5. Use large throw pillows 

Sound bounces off soft surfaces. If you are seeking ways to make your house attractive and at the same time, reduce the noise in your home, you can use fluffy pillows on different areas of the floor and hard furniture. Ensure you get pillows that look great based on the size of the room and existing decor. Even though the pillows help, it is important to ensure it does not overwhelm the rest of your decor. 

If your home doesn’t have adequate soundproofing,  it is best to take additional measures to reduce the noise further. The steps you take do not have to be costly. Using interior decor to minimize the noise in your home will help you appreciate the beauty of your home even more.

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